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Install New Brake Pads
Free Brake Inspections so you know your cost up front before we start any work, because additional parts and labor are often needed at substantial extra cost.
Open in warren mi for Free Brake Inspection -
We recommend that you have your brakes inspected once a year or roughly 18,000 miles and have any problems, if any, corrected. We will road test your vehicle, put it on a hoist, remove the wheels and inspect the entire brake system.

• Replacement of Parts -

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We suggest using premium brake components. They last longer and give better performance than ordinary brake components.
• Brake Fluid Replacement - An inexpensive service that extends the life of all the brake components.
• CV Boots and CV Axles - Replacement of damaged CV boots will help you avoid costly repairs. We also can replace CV axles when it becomes necessary.
• Wheel Balancing - Having your wheels balanced on an
annual basis can prolong the life of your tires.
• Shocks and Strut Replacement - Replacing shocks and struts on your vehicle when needed will reduce wear on your tires and will reduce your stopping distance.

Brake Depot specializes in brake repair, which gives you the advantage of superior workmanship, great warranties, and a fair price. When you depend and trust in Brake Depot you won't have to pay dealer prices and we usually get your vehicle back to you the same day. Remember that Brake Depot will inspect your brake system and other safety components and give you our expert advice all at no charge. We are committed to our customers and our reputation at Brake Depot We service all cars, trucks, vans, and heavy duty work trucks. You need a good brake!